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Ialma – Simbiose | Leopoldsburg : 02/10/10

02/10/10 – 20h : Ialma « Simbiose »

Ialma - Simbiose | accordéoniste diatonique | Jonathan De Neck

Ialma is a group of 5 young women settled in Brussels. These singers have been gathering traditional songs of their ancestors from Galicia (Spain) for quite a few years. After they released their first a capella cd « Palabras darei », their second one « Marmuladas », where Galician melodies blend with arrangements of Belgian musicians, Ialma carries on with passing on its songs in a style of its own, varying from authentic to modern styles which create some seductive and festive modern music.
Conducted by Ad Cominotto, Ialma innovates in its third album covering a song of the « Red Hot Chili Peppers » band in the purest Galician traditions thanks to the collaboration of former female singers in this song entitled « Lévame ». An amazing initiative for a « Nova era », a new generation of the Galician tradition.