Jonathan De Neck


Gerald Van Waes –

Dazibao, which is the Chinese word for wallpaper, is an instrumental group who delivers a more vivid world than just wallpaper music. One of its members, Sophie Cavez is formerly known from post folk-rock band Urban Trad. The expression more is that of a contemporary journey through lots of styles, rhythmical tunes and known dance forms, almost like but also more creative than that, as if under the form of a slowed down potpourri.

The music is played by diatonic accordion dialogues, jazzy bass, acoustic guitar and a mostly very much dissolving-into-the-swing percussion. It is rhythmically changing from a jazzier to a more folky, to a more tango-like swing, depending on the themes, mostly led by the accordions. Favourite track of mine is « La Flûte à six schtroumps » with Middle Eastern hand percussion and vocals by Sophie Cavez.

At first I wasn’t so sure of the real purpose why the group took this journey to these different styles, but it is the three formerly mentioned swing that keeps all the aspects and tunes well structured, fluently and logically together.

Gerald Van Waes –